Public events and civic engagement

The work of the researcher does not end with the publication of articles or participating in academic conferences. Communicating to people, civil society, stakeholders, institutions and anyone interested in the results of the research I lead is a pillar of my mission.

Whenever I can, I collaborate with organizations and groups to disseminate knowledge, animate public and political debate, and receive feedback from anyone who wants to build an informed and constructive thought.

Below are posters of some public events to which I have personally contributed over time.

Publication of the report "Arming Eurtope" written with Prof. Mario Pianta, Dr. Chiara Bonaiuti and Dr. Marco Stamegna for Greenpeace Italy, Spain and Germany & in 2023. The full report (english and italian) is avaiable at the link:

Presentation of the report "Arming Eurtope" at Fondazione Serughetti - La Porta in Bergamo (Italy), April 22nd 2024.

Public speech "Una e Indivisibile: le tante Italie in Italia" within the public event "Intervento Pubblico, Mezzogiorno, Autonomia" in Montenero di Bisaccia (Italy), April 26th 2024.

Public speech "Rilevanza e impatto ambientale dell’agricoltura e degli allevamenti nella Pianura Padana" within the public event "Gusto Intenso" in Borgo San Giacomo (Italy), February 23rd 2024.

Divulgative publications (Italian)